Elias Valtonen

Arizona St Sophomore
RCSI: 117 (2018)
Height: 6'7" (201 cm)
Weight: 195 lbs (88 kg)
Position: SF
High School: Helsinki Basketball Academy
Hometown: Eura, Finland
College: Arizona St
Current Team: Arizona St
Win - Loss: 20 - 11


2017 Baltic Sea Basketball Cup Scouting Reports

Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jan 19, 2017, 05:12 pm
Elias Valtonen, 6-6, SF, Finland, 1999

-Prototypical wing tools at around 6' 6” with a nice frame and decent length
-Good athlete in space. Can finish above the rim in transition or off of straight line drives in the half court
-Very effective straight line slasher when he's fully engaged – 68.4% from two. Hard rip throughs from the perimeter, strong first step, long strides. Has the body to finish through contact.
-Projectable stroke although he didn't shoot it great at the Baltic Cup. Solid with time and space. On balance. Can make a one or two dribble pull up. Shooting potential not fully realized, but he has a solid foundation to improve.
-Does a lot of nice little things defensively when he's fully engaged. Will crash the glass. Can rotate from the weakside for blocks, using his tools and athleticism. Covers ground impressively. Decent feet when he digs in. Solid instincts in the passing lanes.
-Will finish high school in only three years rather than four.
-Fits a prototype as an athletic wing who can make a shot, slash and defend a little bit.

-A little bit soft from a mental standpoint. Tends to show up versus lesser competition and go into a shell a little bit versus better teams. Too willing to stand in the corner and float in and out of games. Very effective when he's aggressive but that isn't the case all the time.
-Lacks some toughness defensively. Doesn't always dig in and use his tools like he could. Feet are good not great.
-Will shy away from contact around the rim as a finisher despite his frame and athleticism.
-How good of a shooter is he? Career 29% in 42 games. Shot is a bit mechanical. Can be quicker getting into it.
-Rigid handle. Can straight line drive but doesn't have a ton of wiggle. Not the most comfortable playmaker while on the move – 4.9 turnovers per 40.
-Has missed some time with jumpers knee in the past.

In theory Valtonen is a very interesting prospect – he has prototypical size, is an above average athlete with a nice frame, he can shoot it a little bit and make plays defensively. With that said, the Finnish wing can do a better job of playing with consistent aggression and toughness in order to maximize his production and potential. Valtonen is expected to go the college route, and it will be very important that he lands in a spot where he won't get lost in the shuffle and is able to develop through playing time and trial and error.

2016 FIBA U17 World Championship Scouting Reports: Wing Players

Jonathan Givony
Jonathan Givony
Mike Schmitz
Mike Schmitz
Jul 09, 2016, 10:37 am
Elias Valtonen, 6'6, Small Forward, HBA-Marsky, 1999

-Solid frame at 6'6. Built fairly well. Body has potential
-Versatile scorer. Shows the ability to put the ball in the basket from all over the court. Averaging 21 points per-40 in three years of FIBA competitions thus far, including 23 at the U17s.
-Excellent catch and shoot stroke. Shoots it the same way every time. Has range on his jumper. Very consistent from the corners. 75% FT%
-Decent first step attacking off the dribble. Can get to the rim in a straight line. Shows nice timing attacking closeouts
-Can create a little going one on one. Shows potential making shots off the dribble. Uses shot-fakes to set up his moves
-Will find the open man in drive and dish situations. Has some creativity as a passer. 19% assist percentage on career

-Not an exceptional athlete. Struggles to finish around the basket at times
-Lacks a degree of toughness and explosiveness inside the paint. 47% 2P% on career. Avoids contact at times. Doesn't want to use his off hand
-Jump-shot looks good, but hasn't had the best results in FIBA play thus far. 30/102 (29%) in 24 career games. Can stand to improve the quickness of his release
-Can be his own worst enemy at times. Prefers to blend in. Can be very passive. Floats in and out of games. Doesn't display a consistent approach from game to game. Gets down on himself when adversity hits.
-Gets very careless with his decision making. Very turnover prone in FIBA competitions (21% TO%)
-Average defender. Little upright, heavy footed on perimeter. Doesn't cover ground that well. Has the size of a shooting guard, but can he stay in front of quicker wings? Doesn't display the highest intensity level

Outlook Skilled Finnish wing player reportedly on the college track. Very talented offensive player. Has the makings of an excellent college prospect, but has a number of areas he'll need to address long term to be considered a better NBA prospect.

Latest results

03/07/2020 83 - 74 vs Washington St Washington St
03/05/2020 83 - 90 vs Washington Washington
02/29/2020 61 - 71 at USC USC
02/27/2020 72 - 75 at UCLA UCLA


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