Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Four

Rocky Mountain Revue: Day Four
Jul 19, 2006, 03:15 pm
Louis Williams continues to score and throw the ball away at prolific rates with 23 points and 8 turnovers. Edin Bavcic figures out the American game to the sound of 21 points on 7 of 10 shooting. San Antonio committed 40 fouls and turned it over 27 times, which made it easy for Philadelphia to win 87-61.

Atlanta wins a tight game 88-85 behind Marvin Williams 26 points in spite of 27 by Desmon Farmer. Saer Sene doesn't play with a rolled ankle, but Robert Swift does.

Utah wins 76-75 over Dallas on a last second tip by Paul Millsap off a missed Brewer layup. Jose Barea shows a point guard’s creative spark and Dee Brown doesn't.


Louis Williams- used his quickness and offensive instincts to score 23 points with 4 assists . He hit tough angled shots off the glass, floaters in the lane and step back jumpers out to 3 feet beyond the 3 point line. His full court press defense has earned 3 or 4 steals and easy dunks or layups. His court vision is still limited and he can be baited into bad passes, to the tune of 8 turnovers. Also he is making a habit of he freezing his man with a crossover, stepping back, and drilling a 3-pointer to beat the buzzer.

Edin Bavcic- has improved from game to game adjusting to the physicality of the American players and learning to use his length to counteract his quickness disadvantage. Bavcic has showed us tonight the total package offensively- cutting to the hoop and laying it in, curling off of screens and catching and burying 3 pointers, and ending with 21 points on 7 for 10 shooting. Bavcic has broad shoulders and a big frame so might be able to add some significant muscle.

Ivan McFarlin-another night of great hustle on the boards and fighting bigger opponents. He scored 7 points and pulled down 10 rebounds. If he could get a jumper his defense and hustle would likely land him on a roster.

Steven Smith- had a quiet game, going 3 for 9 after missing some tough shots. He did battle underneath for 8 rebounds. In the Revue he has shown the ability to score the ball inside and outside, though his outside shooting is inconsistent. He has the making of an NBA 3 but his play been very inconsistent.

San Antonio

Ian Mahinmi- displayed some of his rawness as prospect, making a couple of bad passes (5 turnovers) and fouling himself out (8 fouls) in only 17 minutes of play. Mahinmi has also displayed excellent hands all revue long, pulling in hard passes and quickly moving to the hoop.

Jamar Smith- is looking more and more like an NBA small forward every night. His handle is excellent, allowing his to bring the ball up and drive the hoop to create. . He still needs to improve his 3 point shot to keep defenders from sagging off of him.


Salim Stoudamire DNP

Marvin Williams- Marvin put on a display of outside shooting tonight on catch and shoot plays or curling around screens to bury the jumper. He also hit several step back jumpers once his driving lanes were cutoff. Quite simply in the summer league no one player has been able to contain Marvin. In the 2nd half his minutes were limited by foul trouble but he still managed: 26 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists.

Shelden Williams- in the first half he worked hard, bullying his way into a garbage bucket and some free throws. He also managed to stay out of foul trouble against Felix and Burrell of the Sonics. Shelden got into foul trouble in the 3rd but in the 4th quarter displayed a good jumper with a quick, high release from 18 feet, 3 times in quick succession. Shelden still seems to be running in mud next to almost everyone else on the floor but he’s finally adjusting. He ended with 11 points (only 2 in the paint) and 6 rebounds.


Sene rolled his ankle last night and played hurt in overtime in a surprise Robert Swift dresses and plays.

Yotam Halperin- at 6'5” he is showing signs of being a great point guard. He is learning the spots that guys like to receive the ball and has the skills to put the ball on time. He would have had doubled his 4 assists if his teammate his open shots more often. He uses his size well helping out on rebounds and showed quick hands deflecting several balls. He was beat by Grundy's speed a few times tonight but he’s a smart defender and keeps himself in front of his man.

Robert Swift-was sporting a scruffy hairstyle, a bigger frame and several new tattoos. He played for 20 minutes, but couldn't find his rhythm. He was called for “3 seconds in the key” several times when it took too long for his teams to get him the ball. H was just off on a couple of 10 foot turnarounds and charged a couple of times.

Andre Emmett-deserves some praise as he has scored inside and outside. He is powerful player around the basket and is excellent moving off the ball. In the past his outside shot was his downfall, but tonight he drilled two picture perfect 3 point shots. Team in need of a tough, hard working scorer should give the 6'4” guard a call.

Desmon Farmer- Played his normal athletic hard working game. But down 6 with 2 minutes to go the team need someone to step up and he did, hitting four 3 point shots down the stretch. Farmer's shooting stroke isn't quite straight but it was going in tonight. Farmer ended with 27 points.


Rawle Marshall DNP-Coach's Decision

DJ Mbenga-scored 13 points in only 14 minutes, using size and a nice jumper from 15 feet. But he couldn't stay on the floor, picking up 5 fouls.

Maurice Ager- is very aggressive in driving the ball to the hoop. He was able to beat every Jazz defender off the dribble but Ronnie Brewer. His aggressiveness also netted him several loose ball fouls that limited his playing time. Ager would really benefit from improving his handle to the point that he can pass off his drives. In crunch time he was given the difficult task of guard Brewer and wasn't quite fast enough.

Josh Powell- showed improving ball-handling and footwork as he made several nice moves off the dribble in the post to draw 8 or more fouls on the Jazz small forwards. Josh still looks the most comfortable around the hoop, though he did hit a few mid-ranged jumpers. Was a ferocious rebounder in 2nd half getting several rebounds out of his area. He ended up with 8 points and 9 rebounds. Josh had an advantage tonight athletically for the most night and failed to take advantage.

Jose Juan Barea- played a decent first half, but in the second began to show his trademark excellent point guard skills. Barea anticipates the plays both defensively and offensively. He uses his quickness and ball-handling to get into the lane and anticipates his teammate's motions that lead to dunks and layups. Barea also hit a tough layup the banked off the glass just over the outstretched arm of Paul Millsap that put the Mavs up 75-74 with 6 seconds to go.


Ronnie Brewer-overall polish, finisher, Brewer has an excellent first step and can blow by most people at any time and is an excellent finisher with a combination of little jumpers, layups with either hand and dunks. With the Jazz down 11 Brewer started his own run of 8 points by getting to the rim 3 times in a row. When something isn't there he has the skills and balance to stop and pass out. Brewer also is a threat from long range, but his strength is obviously attacking the basket. Ronnie ended with 24 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist.

CJ Miles-CJ was plagued by foul trouble in the first half but played great down the stretch. He has very good court vision and made an excellent one handed pass to a wide-open Brewer under the basket. It is his handle and anticipation that give him problems. He is learning to use his quickness to get the hoop but can only finish with his left hand. After struggling some, CJ came up big with a 3 point shot, a steal and the ensuing layup and a great drive that put the score to 74-73. CJ still gambles on defense and needs more experience. He scored 14 points, snared 1 rebound, stole the ball 1 and had one assist.

Paul Millsap-goes after every loose ball, digging and scrapping. He has strong hands and is a quick 2nd leaper. Rare is the halftime that Paul doesn't come out with more tape, a new pad or a bandage. Paul is a very good ball handler and is safe on fast breaks one or two dribbles from the hoop. He is a very active big man on defense, rotating to help and challenging shots. His jumper is ineffective but his form isn't poor. He should be able to put the work in and improve. In addition to getting the game winning tip, Paul scored 11, got 9 rebounds, a assist and a steal. Paul is a Jerry Sloan type player. I expect he will get some time this season.

Dee Brown-remains more a 6 foot tall shooting guard then a point guard. He has difficulty creating for his teammates unless the play has developed on its own. The Jazz were stagnant offensively unless CJ Miles or Brewer were in the game. He has excellent ball handling skills, but lacks that the elusive ability to create opportunities for his teammates by anticipating the defense's reactions. It is difficult to see how or if Brown will develop the feel for the game that point guard needs.

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