Luksa Andric NBA Draft Scouting Report

Luksa Andric NBA Draft Scouting Report
May 10, 2006, 02:09 am
Luksa Andric is a raw big man with intriguing potential who showed flashes of brilliance in his rookie season in the Euroleague, Adriatic and Croatian Leagues.

Andric has decent physical attributes, listed at 6-10 (209cm) with a pretty good wingspan for the power forward position. Luksa is a very agile player who runs the floor pretty fast and moves his feet well on defense. Andric also has the ability to get off the floor and finish strong around the hoop. Luksa already has better body strength than most players his age in Europe and his frame looks very good, so adding more weight shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Offensively, Andric was a non-factor in his team’s game for most of the season, but is showing some intriguing skills lately by being Cibona’s best scorer in the first three games of the Croatian championship. He has a nice jumper with the range out to the international three-point line and is able to hit it on a good clip when given time and space. His mechanics look rather solid, but he doesn’t get the opportunity to show it off much in the game since he is strictly a utility player in the team concept at this point. Occasionally Andric shows the ability to score with his back to the basket, exhibiting a nice spin move and half-hook shot.

On defense, Andric has all the tools to become a very good defender at least at the European level. As mentioned, he has quick feet and good length, but also shows great intensity and aggressiveness, something that is usually not in common with European bigs. He is very active as a help defender often switching on smaller players on the perimeter and being able to disrupt them from getting into the lane. Andric shows the tenacity and willingness to go after balls in the paint, making him along with his athletic ability a capable rebounder, especially on the offensive end where he has a nose for the ball and often gets a rebound or tip-in by just being in the right place at the right time.

Andric is an energy player; a hustler, always giving everything he has on the floor and earning coach Anzulovic’s praise for his attitude more often than any of his teammates. He is a hard worker and solid citizen on and off the court.

Andric is already 21 years old and is still a pretty raw and inexperienced player at this level. Almost all of his skills need polishing and refinement, so he has plenty of work in front of him for next season if he wants to have a legit shot at being selected in the NBA draft. Since he is a decent, but not phenomenal athlete, being picked purely on potential isn’t something he can rely on.

Luksa’s biggest problem currently is his inability to stay on the floor because of foul trouble. Has commits fouls at one of, if not the quickest rates in Europe, averaging a foul every three minutes he is on the floor. He is often too aggressive on the defensive end, using his hands excessively and being too physical with his opponents for the European referees’ liking. He will need to learn how to limit his fouls while not compromising his defensive ability, because his team will depend much more on him next season.

Sometimes he finds himself out of position defensively, because he wants to help on the perimeter too much. On rebounding he relies much more on his athleticism than on pure fundamentals.

Offensively, Luksa doesn’t show the softest touch around the basket and his post moves are severely limited. It is hard to evaluate his offensive game since he doesn’t get many touches, but with the exception of his jump-shot, he doesn’t have any reliable tools on this end. He doesn’t posses the skill-set you usually find in European power forwards, and he’s not a flashy player by any means. Andric is not good decision maker; often playing more with his heart than his head.

Last year Andric was on loan at Dubrava (Croatian First Division) where he averaged 12.9 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1 block in 26.5 minutes per contest, while shooting around 40 % from downtown on over 2 attempts per game.

This season he plays for the Euroleague team Cibona Zagreb for around 10 minutes per contest in both the Euroleague and Adriatic league, averaging slightly over 3 ppg and 2 rpg, while commiting more then 3 fouls per contest. He had some good games in recently started Croatian Championship, averaging 15 points and 7 rebounds in the first three games, but was able to stay on the court for just 21 mpg due to foul trouble. It was a big chance for him since the three main big men of Cibona where injured (Bennet Davison, Damir Markota and Mate Skelin). Andric is shooting 60% from three-point land this year, but on only 5 attempts.

Andric will have to make some serious noise in the Euroleague next year to get himself more attention from the scouts. Time is of the essence for Luksa since he will be automatically eligible for next years draft and will need to work very hard this off-season to address his weaknesses and make himself a legitimately draftable prospect.

If he has type of season his teammate Damir Markota had this year, he could get some love in 2nd round. Luksa will need to achieve something first in Europe, before we can talk the type of impact he could have in the NBA, but his rough and aggressive style of play seems to fit more in the NBA than Europe.

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