Just part of the Journey

Just part of the Journey
Apr 14, 2009, 10:13 am
Just part of the Journey I guess.

I have always been told to keep things in perspective and realize that sometimes the good times aren’t that great and the bad times aren’t really that bad. Sure hope the latter is true for our situation here in Germany. My team won one game of fourteen or so before I arrived and now we are 4-8 with me. For a while our ship had been righted, but now we are back in troubled waters. Usually the close losses even out during a season, but we just seem to stockpile them.

Most teams that can’t find the correct side of the win/loss column seem to give up this time of year. Still, we come out and play hard despite the fact that we have only a month left and a glimmer of hope to avoid relegation. We just can’t seem to find the right balance of playing hard and playing smart.

Take this weekend’s game for example. We traveled ten hours on a bus the day before the game and upon arrival practiced longer and harder than we had all week. Still, we managed to play our opponent down to the wire, but lost all the same. It is possible, but improbable that all those factors affected why we didn’t win, but all teams have to deal with similar travel situations in Europe. Simply put, we just can’t finish a win.

Even though things haven’t gone our way in terms of winning, we need still need to finish the season with professionalism. That sounds like an easy thing to do, but it is hard in this type of situation to not get caught up in negativity, finger-pointing, and Monday morning quarterbacking—having perfect answers to what went wrong in the game the day before.

For the record, no pro athlete can say that they don’t ever second-guess decisions that have been made through the course of a season. I just mean that all of that is futile now. We need try to make the best of the situation and stay as positive as possible without overanalyzing everything.

This is just a chapter in my basketball journey of ebbs and flows I suppose. Peaches and cream this situation sure hasn’t been, but that is life. Sure I can sit here and find numerous positives, but I am merely talking about us not winning. My blogs have also been losing in a way. The last two were thrown by the wayside like a Mick Jagger groupie, but for good reason. Keeping my career’s best interest in mind, my editor helped me realize that sometimes things are better left unsaid.

So even though I knew the situation was tough before I got here, I am still frustrated with our progress. We have loads of talent, but just can’t get over the hump. Hopefully we can find a way to string some wins together to end the season strongly. Either way, the lessons learned this year definitely will help each of us later in our careers.

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