A Big Night for Some of the One-Bid Leagues

A Big Night for Some of the One-Bid Leagues
Feb 09, 2007, 09:36 am
-Yale and Penn are tied for first place in the Ivy League. Yale has actually played two more games and is 5-1 to Penn's 3-1, but both are tied in the loss column. Yale actually defeated Penn at home last Saturday, which for the time being puts them in first place via the tiebreaker. This would be interesting seeing as how Princeton and Penn have dominated this league for as long as I can remember. As I'm sure everyone knows, there is no conference tournament, so the regular season champion gets the automatic bid.

Yale is on the road at Columbia and Cornell this weekend. Cornell is just a game out of first place themselves, so this is a big opportunity for them. Penn will face Dartmouth tonight and Harvard tomorrow.

-Another interesting game tonight is Holy Cross at Bucknell. Holy Cross won the first meeting on their home court, but will have a tougher challenge winning this one. It's important, because the conference tournament in the Patriot League is played at the campus sites, so this game could determine who gets home court advantage throughout. Holy Cross has a one game lead in the conference standings, but Bucknell could even the score tonight. Lehigh is in third place, but is three games behind Bucknell, so it's unlikely that any other team will finish in the top two of the league other than Bucknell and Holy Cross.

Loyola, MD is in a tie for first place in the Metro Atlantic with Marist, and is hosting Canisius tonight. The winner of the regular season byes into the semifinals, but that wasn't all that big of an advantage for Manhattan last year, who lost their first conference game to Saint Peter's. If Loyola wins, they're almost assured a #16 seed in the NCAA. Marist has some good wins out of conference and could get into the #15 or #14 range, but if they don't win out they could be looking at a #16 themselves.

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