2016 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Measurements and Analysis

2016 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Measurements and Analysis
Apr 18, 2016, 03:14 pm
The official measurements of the participants of the 2016 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament have been released. You can view them, and all the measurements in our extensive database, here.

Texas center Prince Ibeh was easily the most impressive physical specimen at this year's PIT on paper. Measured at 6'11 in shoes with a 261-pound frame and a 7'5.5 wingspan, Ibeh's numbers are almost identical to those of Festus Ezeli who stood 6'11.5 in shoes with a 264-pound frame with a 7'5.75 wingspan coming out of Vanderbilt. It isn't hard to guess what made Ibeh one of the top per-minute shot blockers and offensive rebounders in the country this season. He wasn't particularly productive at Portsmouth, scoring 10 points and hauling in 13 rebounds in 68 minutes on 3/11 shooting, through 3 games in Virginia, but has freakish tools for an NBA center, which gives him a great chance to get drafted.

-Jamaican big man Shevon Thompson, like Ibeh, struggled to finish inside at times this week (37% 2P%), but posted terrific measurements standing 6'11 in shoes with a 7'5 wingspan while tipping the scales at 241 pounds.
The same can be said of Nigeria native Tonye Jekiri who shot just 31% from the field, but has impressive size nonetheless at 6'11 in shoes with a 239-pound frame and a 7'2 wingspan.

-Among centers, Mike Tobey had an impressive showing in competitive action, averaging 12 points (68% 2P%) and 10 rebounds in 26 minutes. Measured at 7'0.5 in shoes with a 252-pound frame, Toby has nice size for a center at any level, but his 7'0 wingspan leaving something to be desired.

-Florida standout Dorian Finney-Smith confirmed the many measurements we have on him dating back to 2010, measuring 6'7.5 in shoes with a 215-pound frame. While not exceptionally tall or bulky for a combo forward, he compensates with a strong near-7-foot wingspan. The Portsmouth native had an outstanding week playing in front of family and friends, showing he's a cut above anyone in attendance, and likely helping his NBA stock significantly in the process.

-Oregon wing Elgin Cook has decent height for the wing at 6'5 without shoes, but his strong 212 pound frame and 6'10 ½ wingspan indicates he has multi-positional potential defensively considering how athletic and aggressive he is. Cook did a little bit of everything at the PIT, averaging 14 points in 25 minutes, while nabbing 2.3 steals and shooting 62% for 2. The biggest key for Cook in the draft process will be his ability to convince NBA teams he has better potential as a shooter than he displayed at Oregon (career 29% 3P%). He shot just 2/8 for 3 in Virginia.

-South Carolina forward Michael Carrera measured just 6'5 in shoes, but his 7'1.5 wingspan is absolutely sensational for his size, indicating why he was able to spend minutes at the center position in the SEC the past few years despite weighing just 215 pounds. Carrera led the PIT in PER, averaging 15.3 points and 8 rebounds per game while shooting over 50% from beyond the arc. Even if NBA teams don't come calling, the Venezuelan likely made himself money with the many international teams that were in attendance this week.

-Isaiah Cousins had a strong showing at the PIT, and measured an impressive 6'5.5 in shoes with a 6'6.5 wingspan and a 8'9 standing reach. This could very well be a typo, though, as it is significantly taller and longer than what he measured just a few months ago with USA Basketball, and much taller than what Oklahoma listed him at (6'3 as a freshman, 6'4 since). Nevertheless, he appears to have solid size and length for a player that ran the point extensively this season.

-Ryan Anderson led the PIT in rebounding at 12 per game in 31 minutes, not that different than what he did in the Pac-12 with Arizona. Anderson has always had just average tools for a big man, measuring 6'8.5 in shoes with a 6'9 wingspan, something we've seen across numerous measurements we've come across in our database since 2010. Anderson's ability to compensate for his lack of size on the boards really stands out. He took a massive step forward in that regard as a senior.

-Matt Costello was the second best rebounder at the PIT at 11.7 per game, and measured a solid 6'10, 245 pounds with a 7'1.5 wingspan. Costello didn't get quite the same buzz as some of the upperclassmen around him at Michigan State, but will be highly sought after in every league outside of the NBA given his size and ability to make an impact with his mobility and toughness inside.

-Speaking of Michigan State upperclassmen, Bryn Forbes measured 6'3 with a 190-pound frame and a 6'5 wingspan. He lacks a degree of size and length for a shooting guard, but led the PIT in per-minute scoring doing what he does best, shooting the 3 (4.3 makes over 10 attempts per game, 43% 3P%). Few players in the country have been as deadly from the perimeter as Forbes in recent seasons, and though he has limited experience running an offense, it will be interesting to see how teams value his sensational shooting ability (48% 3P% as a senior) in the draft process given the direction the league is headed.

-PIT Most Valuable player A.J. English measured 6'3.5 in shoes with an impressive 6'9 wingspan. The 23 year old scoring guard lacks a strength for a soon-to-be 24 year old, weighing only 180-pound at the moment, but his length certainly helps his cause.

-Kyle Collinsworth has been one of the most productive players in the country in recent seasons outside of the scoring column. Standing 6'5.5 without shoes with a 6'6.5 wingspan and a strong 211-pound frame, Collinsworth's lack of length makes him productivity as a rebounder and in the passing lanes that much more impressive.
The same can be said for Alex Caruso from a defensive perspective as he measured 6'4.5 in shoes with a 6'5.5 wingspan.

-Patricio Garino didn't shoot the ball well at the PIT, but made his presence felt on the glass and moving the ball in the half court. Standing 6'7 in shoes with a 6'10 wingspan, Garino has very nice size for a wing at the international level and figures to factor prominently into the plans of the Argentine National Team in the coming years.

-Nathan Boothe shot the ball well from 3 in Portsmouth, but wasn't overly effective otherwise. At 6'9 in shoes with an average 7'0.5 wingspan and a 246-pound frame, Boothe has unique measurements for a stretch four, and will probably need to slim down to make the transition.

-Northeastern's David Walker struggled in the PIT and measured 6'6.5 in shoes with an unimpressive 6'7 wingspan. One of the top shooters in the college game last season, Walker ran cold over the course of his 3 games here.

-Jameel McKay isn't the tallest or bulkiest big man you'll find at just 6'8 without shoes and 210 pounds, but his 7'3 ½ wingspan and 9'1 ½ standing reach are both outstanding. That should allow him to comfortably continue to play the center position for whichever team he ends up with next, provided he can add some strength.

-Similar things can be said about Cincinnati big man Octavius Ellis, who measured just 6'8 without shoes and 226 pounds, but has an outstanding 7'3 wingspan and 9'0 ½ standing reach.

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