2014 adidas EuroCamp Measurements and Athletic Testing Results

2014 adidas EuroCamp Measurements and Athletic Testing Results
Jun 10, 2014, 08:01 am
Players at the adidas EuroCamp underwent similar testing to what was administered at the NBA Combine. The results of those tests were released today.

You can find all the results from this year's testing in our historic measurements database.

Notable Players
-Adin Vrabac posted a lane agility drill time of 10.29, which is the fastest recorded by a member of the his draft class.
-Nemanja Dangubic posted a 34.5 inch maximum vertical leap to lead all campers, which is 3 inches higher than he jumped a year ago.

-Boubacar Moungoro ran a 3.18 ¾ court spring, which would is one of the top fastest marks run by a player in this draft class.

-Moussa Diagne amd Cristiano Felicio registered 33 inch maximum vertical leaps, a solid mark for the pair of international big men.
-Awudu Abass had the highest maximum vertical leap at 36.5 inches, which would just crack the top-25 among plays in this draft class.

Athletic Testing Composite Rankings

Out of curiosity more than anything else, we've compiled our own Athletic Testing composite rankings. These were made by assigning players points depending on where they graded out compared with the other prospects in each of the tests done in Treviso.

Axel Toupane1
Nemanja Dangubic2
Safak Edge3
Paolo Marinelli4
Mikhail Kulagin5
Ovie Soko6
Awudu Abass7
Giffey Niels8
Boubacar Moungoro9
Adin Vrabac10
Ludvig Hakanson11
Eric Lombardi12
Louis Labeyrie13
Guillem Vives14
Viktor Gaddefors15
Orlando Sanchez16
Rafael Freire17
Erjon Kastrati18
Marcus Erikkson19
Jaime Fernandez20
Ioannis Papapetrou21
Rokas Giedraitis22
Yannis Morin23
Cristiano Felicio24
Klemen Prepelic25
Amedeo Della Valle26
Dmitry Kulagin27
Ojars Silins28
Phillip Neumann29
Marius Grigonis30
Moussa Diagne31
Strahinja Stojacic32
Eleftherios Bochoridis33
Berkay Candan34
Hugo Invernizzi35
Lucas Mariano36
Emir Sulejmanovic37
Ilja Gromovs38
Dragan Bender39
Artem Pustovyi40
Johannes Voigtmann41
Victor Arteaga42
Moustapha Fall43
Daniel Mayr44

3/4 Court Sprint
Top 5
Boubacar Moungoro 3.182
Axel Toupane 3.217
Nemanja Dangubic 3.218
Orlando Sanchez 3.235
Rafael Freire 3.258

Bottom 5
Moussa Diagne 3.619
Victor Arteaga 3.635
Lucas Mariano 3.659
Moustapha Fall 3.675
Daniel Mayr 3.698

Lane Agility
Top 5
Adin Vrabac 10.289
Paolo Marinelli 10.704
Viktor Gaddefors 10.781
Jaime Fernandez 10.934
Marcus Erikkson 10.993

Bottom 5
Yannis Morin 12.988
Emir Sulejmanovic 13.015
Daniel Mayr 13.105
Moussa Diagne 13.513
Ilja Gromovs 13.590

Reaction Shuttle
Top 5
Viktor Gaddefors 2.722
Axel Toupane 2.858
Marcus Erikkson 2.912
Giffey Niels 2.936
Paolo Marinelli 2.946

Bottom 5
Johannes Voigtmann 3.391
Daniel Mayr 3.445
Rafael Freire 3.477
Cristiano Felicio 3.479
Moustapha Fall 3.503

Standing Vertical Leap
Top 5
Nemanja Dangubic 34.5
Awudu Abass 33.5
Ovie Soko 32.5
Eric Lombardi 30.5
Axel Toupane 30.5
Orlando Sanchez 30.5

Bottom 5
Marcus Erikkson 22.5
Moustapha Fall 22.5
Marius Grigonis 21.5
Artem Pustovyi 21.5
Berkay Candan 21.5
Daniel Mayr 21.5

Maximum Vertical Leap
Top 5
Awudu Abass 36.5
Ovie Soko 35
Eric Lombardi 34.5
Nemanja Dangubic 34
Safak Edge 34

Bottom 5
Artem Pustovyi 27
Victor Arteaga 26
Dragan Bender 25.5
Berkay Candan 24.5
Daniel Mayr 23

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