Word on the Street: Agent Hirings and Early-Entry Speculation #3

Word on the Street: Agent Hirings and Early-Entry Speculation #3
Apr 23, 2006, 11:22 pm
Shannon Brown Testing the Waters

Sources told DraftExpress over the weekend that Michigan State Junior Shannon Brown will be entering his name in the 2006 NBA Draft.

Brown is expected to submit his paperwork this week and conduct a number of workouts to see where he stands in the draft. Brown will be preserving his college eligibility by not hiring an agent, and will likely only stay in the draft is he’s assured of being a 1st round pick. He could either hold a public workout for interested NBA teams at Michigan State or even the Orlando pre-draft camp to attempt to raise his stock. Brown, like at least a dozen other underclassmen who have already entered this draft, is currently considered a borderline first round pick. No press conference will be held from what we’ve been told.

Daniel Gibson Entering the Draft

Texas Sophomore Daniel Gibson is tentatively expected to announce his intentions to enter the NBA draft on Tuesday, according to sources in Texas.

Gibson’s situation is quite murky from what we’ve been told. Numerous sources in Texas have told us that there is a clear conflict between what he sees his role at Texas being next year and what the coaching staff sees. The heart of the issue is whether or not Gibson will be able to play his position at the next level, point guard. Gibson was given numerous opportunities both this season and last to show that he can handle the playmaking duties for Texas, but did not manage to live up to expectations in terms of running his team and keeping everyone happy. To make matters even more interesting, Texas has recruited a McDonald’s All-American point guard in DJ Augustin-- considered a pure playmaker that makes everyone around him better.

It’s unclear at this point whether or not Gibson will hire an agent. Despite being projected by some as a top 5 pick early on in the year, NBA scouts we talked to this season consider him a 2nd round pick at best at this point, with a chance at even going undrafted.

Patrick O'Bryant Confirms Entry

As exclusively reported by DraftExpress nearly two weeks ago, Patrick O'Bryant will indeed be entering his name in the 2006 NBA draft. O'Bryant decided to enter the draft some time ago, but was asked by Bradley’s coaching staff to hold off on announcing it until after the team banquet. As initially reported, should he like what he’s hearing, O'Bryant will be hiring an agent from the Tri-State area, Andy Miller, who also represents Kevin Garnett and Sebastian Telfair, amongst others.

Richard Roby Hiring an Agent?

Numerous sources over the past few weeks have indicated to DraftExpress that Colorado Sophomore Richard Roby has interviewed multiple agents and is strongly considering hiring one and staying in the draft. Roby was reportedly seen having lunch with a famous rapper who happens to be heavily affiliated with an influential agent that represents a former teammate of Roby’s. One source told us that Roby is “not going back to school,” explaining that Colorado is losing 10 seniors this year to graduation and will likely struggle badly next season. Roby is reportedly worried about the repercussions of his team being the doormats of the Big 12 next year.

With so many underclassmen already entered the draft (by our count, 52 college and international players), and many more expected in the next coming days, including a number of likely first rounders, Roby’s chances of landing in the 1st round are getting slimmer by the day. He will likely have to go to the Orlando pre-draft camp and play well if he wants to ensure himself of landing a guaranteed contract on draft day.

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