The Latest on who is staying in and who's pulling out

The Latest on who is staying in and who's pulling out
Jun 21, 2005, 01:59 pm
The latest on who is staying in or pulling out.

Player School Height Status

Staying In

Alex Acker, Pepperdine, 6-5, PG/SG, Junior- Foolishly hired an agent a long time ago, did not stand out in Chicago, and is now looking at possibly going undrafted.

Deji Akindele, Chicago State, 7-1, Center, Sophomore Had a few very strong workouts with NBA teams, but then a poor showing at the pre-draft camp in Chicago. Measured out two inches shorter than he was listed at, but is most likely keeping his name in the draft. A potential mid-late 2nd round pick with a decent shot at going undrafted.

Kelenna Azubuike, Kentucky, 6-5, SG, Junior - Foolishly hired an agent a few months ago, and has had a hard time raising his stock to anywhere near where he needs it to be to justify that because of injuries, particularly one that held him out of Chicago. On the second round bubble with a decent shot at going undrafted.

Sean Banks, Memphis, 6-8, SF, Sophomore Hired an agent a while back and looks to get drafted somewhere in the 2nd round after showing a lot of upside at the pre-draft camp in Chicago.

Brandon Bass, LSU, 6-8, PF, Sophomore Has entered his name in the draft for a 2nd time, so he is in the draft for good. Extremely talented and athletic, but at 6-7 really needed another year of school to continue to work on his perimeter skills and show that he can play a role for someone in the league. He didn’t, and the 2nd round is now his most likely destination.

Andray Blatche, South Kent Prep (CT), 6-11, PF, HS Senior Athletic and skilled perimeter oriented big man has hired an agent after likely securing himself a spot in the 1st round with some impressive performances in the high school all-star games. Has more size and potential than almost every college power forward in this draft.

Andrew Bogut, Utah, 7-0, Sophomore Australian center is the frontrunner for the top pick in the draft at this point. Obviously he is staying in the draft.

Andrew Bynum, St. Joseph’s HS (NJ), 6-11, C, HS Senior Surprisingly decided to keep his name in the draft. Says he has a promise somewhere in the lottery. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Ike Diogu, Arizona State, 6-8, PF, Junior Diogu is staying in the draft “100%” according to a reliable source close to him. He has workouts scheduled with Charlotte on the 22nd, the Lakers on the 24th and the Warriors on the 25th. Despite staying in the draft, Diogu cancelled a workout with the Timberwolves yesterday (the 20th) and a workout with the Raptors today, claiming that he wasn’t feeling well. Speculation of a promise from the Suns is already swirling.

Raymond Felton, North Carolina, 6-1, PG, Junior NCAA champion starting PG has blazing speed, a much improved perimeter shot and terrific leadership skills. Has hired an agent and is considered to be a likely lottery pick.

Monta Ellis, Lanier HS (MS), 6-3, PG/SG, HS Senior Undersized shooting guard was unimpressive in high school allstar games and has no NBA position but has hired an agent regardless. His workouts so far have been a mixed bag according to sources, but for the most part underwhelming. Concerns about his approach to the game and position at the next level are hurting his stock, while a terrible showing at the Combines have really raised some eyebrows. Ellis is by no means a lock for the first round.

Olu Famutimi, Arkansas, 6-5, SF, Sophomore Famutimi decided to keep his name in the draft, and will be lucky to get drafted on the 28th.

Francisco Garcia, Louisville, 6-7 Junior

John Gilchrist Maryland 6-3 Junior

Gerald Green Gulf Shores Academy (TX) 6-8 HS Senior

Jarrett Jack, Georgia Tech, 6-3, PG, Junior Contrary to what we initially reported, Jarrett Jack is actually keeping his name in the draft and bypassing his senior year at Georgia Tech. Two NBA teams told us last night that Jack is pulling out, while Jack pulled out of a workout with the Grizzlies yesterday. Apparently Jack had a change of heart (or maybe he received some new info about his stock), but regardless, he is IN the draft.

Amir Johnson, Westchester HS (CA), 6-10, PF, HS Senior Great size and athletic ability. Looked outstanding at the Roundball Classic in Chicago, but mediocre at McDonalds. Lacks the skills or experience to be considered a lock for the 1st round, but may not be eligible for college. Would be best served getting his test scores in order and playing at least a year or two in college in order to not squander what looks to be a very promising career. According to Louisville, Johnson decided to keep his name in the draft at the deadline.

Dwayne Jones, St. Joseph’s, 6-11, Center, Junior According to sources in Philadelphia, Jones is leaning towards keeping his name in the draft and hiring an agent, his advisor up until now, Joel Bell. Attempts to reach Mr. Bell were unsuccessful.

Linas Kleiza, Missouri, 6-8, SF/PF, Sophomore Talented Lithuanian forward was once considered one of the top players in his age group before making the fatal mistake of committing to Missouri. Kleiza announced today that he will be keeping his name in the draft.

Kyle Luckett, South Side (IN) HS, 7’0, PF, HS Senior- The extremely talented, but very unpolished Luckett will be keeping his name in the draft, against everyone's advice, according to his AAU coach/guardian Eric Vaughn. As of right now, Kyle is on the outside looking in. He has a workout lined up for the Sixers on Thursday and plans on attending prep school or junior college if he is not selected in this year’s draft.

Darshan Luckey, St. Francis (PA), 6-5, SG, Junior – Mid-major scoring machine will most certainly get some looks from NBA teams, but probably doesn’t have the size or athletic ability to be anything more than a 2nd rounder unless he blows up in Chicago (he was not invited). Has signed with an agent, but already has his degree in hand despite having an extra year of eligibility he could have fallen back on. Most likely he’s just ready to start his European career.

Sean May, North Carolina, 6-8, PF, Junior Extremely skilled NCAA tournament MVP basically had no choice but to declare after seeing his stock rise to an all-time high after an incredible performance in March. Questions about his size, conditioning and athletic ability might bring that stock back to earth, but he’s still a likely mid-first rounder when it’s all said and done.

Rashad McCants, North Carolina, 6-4, Junior Undersized shooting guard declared for draft immediately after winning the national championship and hired an agent shortly thereafter. Draft stock is all over the board, as his terrific scoring skills are mixed with below average size and ball-handling skills and a shaky reputation in the attitude department. It’s unclear how much him pulling out of almost all of his workouts hurts him considering that scouts know his game pretty well.

C.J. Miles, Skyline HS (TX), 6-6, SG, HS Senior

Randolph Morris, Kentucky, 6-10, Freshman All indications are that he will remain in the draft at this point. A press conference is scheduled for later in the day.

Chris Paul, Wake Forest, 6-0, PG, Sophomore Precocious PG has the speed, the outside shot, the playmaking skills and basically everything except for maybe an inch to be an NBA superstar. His heart and brain make up for it, though, so he could become one anyway. Considered the #1 PG prospect in the draft.

Shavlik Randolph, Duke, 6-10, PF, Junior According to the Associated press, Randolph met with members of the Duke coaching staff to inform them of his decision to stay in the draft Tuesday. He will almost certainly go undrafted and begin his career in Europe.

Anthony Roberson, Florida, 6-1, PG/SG, Junior Undersized combo guard had a decent outing in Chicago, showing more of the same of what he did night in, night out at Florida. Not a lock to get drafted but has hired an agent regardless. He’s probably 50/50 to go somewhere in the 2nd round.

Nate Robinson, Washington, 5-9, PG, Junior Hands down the most exciting player in college basketball thanks to his incredible athletic ability, Robinson is in the draft for good after declaring for a second time. Strong workouts say that he might have an outside shot at making the late first round, but he’ll certainly be on someone’s team next season regardless.

Chris Taft, Pittsburgh, 6-10, Sophomore Athletic, but apathetic big man is hoping the hype lasts him until draft day to keep him in the 1st round.

Charlie Villanueva, Connecticut, 6-10, Sophomore

Tiras Wade, Louisiana-Lafayette, 6-6, Junior Hired an agent a while back already and is in the draft for good.

Von Wafer, Florida State, 6-5, SG, Sophomore Hired an agent and most likely goes undrafted. Has the raw talent, but probably not the head to pull it all together. Should have transferred to another school rather than taking his chances in the late 2nd round and summer league. Hopefully this is not the last we hear of Von Wafer.

Matt Walsh, Florida, 6-6, Junior Hired an agent and is trying to guarantee himself a spot in the first round over the next week through workouts.

Martell Webster, Seattle Prep, 6-7, HS, Senior

Deron Williams, Illinois, 6-4, Junior,

Louis Williams, South Gwinnett HS (GA), 6-3, PG/SG, HS Senior High school combo guard is an outstanding athlete and scorer, but lacks the point guard skills and experience to be considered a lock for the first round in such a deep draft. In spite of that, Williams is staying in the draft and is praying for a selection in the first round.

Marvin Williams, North Carolina, 6-9, Freshman

Kennedy Winston, Alabama, 6-6, Junior - Probably made a mistake somewhere along the line, as his stock has fallen to the point that he’s a bubble first rounder right now.

Antoine Wright, Texas A&M, 6-7, Junior

Bracey Wright, Indiana , 6-4, Junior Wright is making a terrible mistake by hiring an agent and staying in the draft, unless he is absolutely sold on playing overseas next year. He’ll have to fight his way on to a team through summer league, and there are just so many players in the world like him that he’s going to have to be very lucky to make it.

Pulling Out

Jose Juan Barea, Northeastern, 6-0, PG, Junior According to his advisor, Barea will pull his name out of the draft and return to Northeastern next year. Barea and his family put a large emphasis on education, and he wants to get his degree. He would not have been a first rounder anyway.

Martellus Bennett, Taylor HS (TX), 6-7, TE, HS Senior – Two sport athlete is trying to find out whether he has a future at the next level in basketball. According to his advisor he has pulled his name out and will go to Texas A&M.

Brandon Bowman, Georgetown, 6-8, SF/PF, Junior - Productive college junior had a nice year, but needed another year to polish his perimeter skills, specifically his ball-handling. A few weeks ago he decided he will return after not being invited to the Pre-Draft camp

Dee Brown, Illinois, 6-0, PG/SG, Junior Undersized combo guard had a phenomenal season, but lack of height, proven PG skills and a deep PG class hurts his chances at being drafted as high as he should be able to next year. Measured out great in Chicago and looked like he had the chance to really explode in his new role, but an unfortunate foot injury will keep him sidelined for a few months and out of this draft according to Brown.

Keith Brumbaugh, DeLand HS (FL), 6-8, SF, HS Senior Florida’s Mr. Basketball possesses very little that separates him from a dozen or so proven college and international small forwards. Didn’t show much in the high school all-star games and really had no business being in this draft. Hopefully he’ll be able to get into a college that will develop him into an NBA prospect for two or three years down the road. Pulled out a while back after receiving no interest from NBA teams as expected.

Toney Douglas, Auburn, 6-1, SG, Freshman - Undersized shooting guard had a great season on a terrible team. Wasn’t even close to being a first rounder at this point, and will definitely regret using his draft card this early. Douglas had no interest in returning to Auburn and has therefore decided to return to college and transfer to another school.

Rudy Fernandez- According to sources in Spain, Fernandez has pulled his name out of the draft.

Torin Francis, Notre Dame, 6-11, PF/C, Junior Francis played well, but not well enough to secure himself a spot in the first round in Chicago. He’s going back to school and will try to carry his team to the NCAA tournament next season and secure himself a spot in the first round in the process. If he can show the same aggressiveness as a senior that he showed in large parts of this camp, he should be absolutely fine as long as his back holds up. Still one of the most talented big men in all of college basketball, with an NBA body to back that up.

Mike Hall, George Washington, 6-8, SF/PF, Junior - Likely just entered his name in as a junior because he could. Not really an NBA prospect at this point, and has already announced he’ll return to GW.

Chris Hernandez, Stanford, 6-2, PG, Junior Crafty, fundamental PG already had his degree in hand and wanted to see where his NBA stock is at. An excellent basketball player, but lack of size, athletic ability, and the depth of this year’s PG class hurt his chances of being drafted. Already announced a few weeks ago that he will return to school.

Jibril Hodges, Long Beach State, 6-2, SG, Junior - Another junior, this time an undersized shooting guard, entering his name into the draft simply because he has nothing to lose. Averaged under 13 points a game and more turnovers than assists in the Big West. NBA Draft guru Frank Burlison informed us that Hodges pulled his name out over the weekend.

Armein Kirkland, Cincinnati, 6-8, SG, Junior According to the local media, Kirkland has notified Cincinnati that he is returning to school.

Carl Krauser, Pittsburgh, 6-2, PG, Junior Flashy PG was in a tough situation, as he's a 2nd round pick at best but is already past the age where coming back for another season will significantly help his stock. According to the person who would be his agent had he stayed in, Krauser decided to go back to school.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu, George Washington, 6-9, PF, Junior Freakishly athletic power forward has intriguing potential, but has barely developed in his three years of college. Didn’t play well enough in Chicago to secure himself anything, and will wisely return for his senior season. Must develop the rest of his game to have a shot at sticking in the league after next season.

Tim Parham, Maryland-Eastern Shore, 6-9, PF, Junior –

T.J. Parker, Northwestern, 6-2, PG, Junior - Parker had a change of heart and decided to return to Northwestern.

Kevin Pittsnogle, West Virginia, 6-10, PF, Junior Pittsnogle did not impress enough in Chicago to make up for his underwhelming NCAA career so far, NCA tournament aside. He will return for his senior year.

Chris Rodgers, Arizona, 6-4, PG/SG Junior Went to a few workouts and pulled his name out after being told that he’s not an NBA prospect at this point.

Brandon Rush, Mt. Zion Academy (NC), 6-6, SG HS Senior According to the Edward Robinson from the News & Observer, Rush pulled his name out of the draft at the deadline. Rush worked out for the Houston Rockets today and was hoping to get some type of guarantee from an NBA team for next year, possibly the Toronto Raptors. This is according to his high school coach. He actually is eligible for college should he decide to take that route, but needs to pick between Junior College and a high major school.

Steven Smith, LaSalle, 6-8, SF/PF, Junior We've been notified that Smith will indeed be returning to LaSalle. Despite an excellent performance in Chicago, Smith feels that he can easily secure himself a guaranteed spot in the 1st round next year and therefore will not risk being drafted in the 2nd round and having to fight for his NBA career through summer league.

Marcus Slaughter, San Diego State, 6-8, SF/PF, sophomore Athletic Mountain West conference sophomore has lots of potential, but also has a lot of work ahead of himself to shed the dreaded tweener label. Landing in the first round this year was out of the question, but he'll be in a great situation next year to improve his perimeter skills. Unfortunately he’ll regret burning his draft card this early as he’ll be in a tough spot next year if he improves his stock to point of being a borderline first rounder.

Tim Smith, East Tennessee State, 5-9, PG, Junior Speedy PG is one of the top scorers in the country, but is still about 3-4 inches undersized. Not invited to Chicago and has announced that he will return to school.

James White, Cincinnati, 6-6, SG, Junior A highly touted high school recruit who might be considered the top athlete in this year's draft. Made it very clear upon entering that he will be back in school next season, which is a good thing considering how raw he is. Not invited to Chicago, and according to the local media, Kirkland has notified Cincinnati that he is returning to school.

Eric Williams, Wake Forest, 6-9, PF, Junior An intriguing prospect because of his size, bulk, athleticism and tenacity around the rim, but not a first round prospect at this point because of the fact that he’s essentially a 6-9 center in terms of skills. Another year at Wake, this time as the Man with the departure of Chris Paul could help him become a first rounder in next year’s draft. Had a nice showing in Chicago, and immediately afterwards announced he’s returning to Wake Forest.

Not Sure

Jermaine Bell, Indian Hills CC (IA), 6-11, 215, PF, Freshman- Skinny, perimeter oriented PF entered his name into the draft once already out of prep school and received little to no interest, and is now trying his luck again after being named an honorable mention junior college All American. Numbers are underwhelming at 15 points, 8 rebounds per game.

Curtis Brown Jr., Beach HS (GA), 6-9, Center, HS Senior Undersized 5th year high school center is ineligible for college, so the NBA is naturally the next step. Not considered a top tier high school recruit. Junior college seems more realistic.

Anderson Ferreira, Chipola JC (FL), 6-8, SF, Sophomore- Brazilian junior college forward is considered one of the top junior college players in the nation, but apparently doesn’t have the grades to get into division one. Likely entering his name in the draft because he may as well before he heads off to Europe or back to Brazil.

Brian Kim, Vanguard University (CA), 6-5, Junior – Athletic Korean guard left his college to join the Korean league in the middle of the season, and is entering his name in the draft before he become automatically eligible next year. Average numbers in a mediocre conference don’t speak highly in his favor.

Julius Lamptey, Garden City CC (KS), 7-0, Center, Freshman – Community college big man has the size, but none of the skills to land in the first round. Committed to USC and that’s where he will most likely end up next year.

J.R. Morris, Seton Hall, 6-5, Junior – Suspended from his team for academic reasons and is most likely entering his name into the draft before he heads off to Europe.

Pierre Pierce, Iowa, 6-4, PG/SG, Junior Athletic combo guard’s stock has taken a huge hit because of legal issues. Was a borderline prospect before those problems, and now is likely considered undraftable. Was not invited to Chicago. He would be best served pulling his name out, playing professionally for a year and then trying again next season after things cool down, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Ray Rose, Olivet Nazarene (IL), 6-0, PG, Junior – Came off the bench to average under 10 minutes a game at the mighty Olivet Nazarene in the Chicagoland Collegiate Conference in the NAIA.

B.J. Spencer, Jacksonville State, 6-4, SG, Junior- 12 point per game tweener from the Ohio Valley conference wanted his 15 minutes of fame, so that’s exactly what he got.

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