Podcast: Jonathan Givony on CBS Sports Radio

Podcast: Jonathan Givony on CBS Sports Radio
Mar 23, 2015, 02:19 am
A thorough 17 minute talk with CBS Sports Radio's Jody Mac breaking down the 2015 NBA Draft.

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Topics Include:

-Everyone's favorite time of the year- the NCAA Tournament.
-How has Jahlil Okafor fared in March?
-Does he project as a better prospect than Joel Embiid?
-Is Karl Towns a threat to go number one?
-Did D'Angelo Russell's final game at Ohio State hurt his stock?
-Where does Emmanuel Mudiay factor into this discussion?
-Thoughts on the top two European prospects in the draft, Mario Hezonja and Kristaps Porzingis
-Who are the players who have helped themselves the most this season?
-How does the 2015 NBA Draft compare with the 2014 NBA Draft?
-How is the 2016 NBA Draft stacking up so far?
-What kind of prospect is Kelly Oubre?
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